clear ADJECTIVE 1) easy to perceive or understand. 2) leaving or feeling no doubt. 3) transparent; unclouded. 4) free of obstructions or unwanted objects. 5) (of a period of time) free of commitments. 6) free from disease, contamination, or guilt. 7) (clear of) not touching; away from. 8) complete: seven clear days' notice. 9) (of a sum of money) net.
ADVERB 1) so as to be out of the way of or uncluttered by. 2) with clarity.
VERB 1) make or become clear. 2) get past or over (something) safely or without touching it. 3) show or declare to be innocent. 4) give official approval or authorization to or for. 5) cause people to leave (a building or place). 6) (of a cheque) pass through a clearing house so that the money enters the payee's account. 7) earn or gain (an amount of money) as a net profit. 8) discharge (a debt).
clear the air — Cf. ↑clear the air
clear the decks — Cf. ↑clear the decks
clear off — Cf. ↑clear off
clear out — Cf. ↑clear out
clear up — Cf. ↑clear up
in the clear — Cf. ↑in the clear
DERIVATIVES clearness noun.
ORIGIN Old French cler, from Latin clarus.

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